Versatile fountain pens and accessories

We make good pens, fountain pens. With unique nibs. You can write with them everyday. Or create calligraphy, illustrations or journals. Designed with standardised, interchangeable components. They’re crafted with passion and precision. The perfect tools to enable your creativity.

R615 - Current Editions


Because components matter

We’ve very carefully designed and crafted the components that go into our pen. Each one purpose designed. Our pen will make you want to keep writing, keep sketching, keep journaling, keep going...


We offer a range of (mostly) flex nibs in a variety of materials, including stainless steels, titanium and 14k gold. They're designed to be great everyday writers that will happily flex when asked.

Cartridge converter

We supply our pens with a Schmidt standard international converter. The rotate-to-fill mechanism makes filling easy and lets you prime your feed precisely for juicy swells and flex lines.

Polymer Feeds

Our in-house feeds are specially designed for our flex nibs. We've carefully selected a modern engineering polymer to optimise their ink-flow. And they are manufactured locally in the UK using state-of-the-art laser sintering.

And they're white. So they take on the colour of the ink you use to really show it off!

No faff, no heat setting, no railroading. Letting you just focus on your creativity

Pen body

Our pens are machined from high grade 6082 aluminium, CZ121 brass and 304 stainless steel at a state of the art CNC facility in the UK. Tight tolerances and great balance let you get on with the business of putting ink to paper. No fiddly bits.

The Good Blue Fine Flex Nib Unit

Nib units

Our nib units are standard Jowo #6 compatible, with a screw in thread. Easy to remove, take apart or clean. And, if it takes your fancy, easy to replace with your favourite Jowo nib unit. You can also choose our polymer feed option if you need your pen to keep up with fast flex strokes. Or if you'd like your pen to write wet.

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