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The Brass Compass

The Brass Compass

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Ah; circles! Perhaps the most perfect geometry. And now you can draw them seamlessly. With our new Brass Compass.A simple and elegant design that lets you draw circles with a pencil or a fountain pen. Without fumbling, hole poking clumsiness. Just position and hold down the central disc, insert the writing tool of your choice into a guide hole and rotate. Quick, simple, easy! Measuring in at under 12 cm long and 0.5 cm thick it's perfect for circles-on-the-go. And the natural brass will age and patina beautifully over time, making the compass uniquely yours.

Precision machined from solid brass, our compass is carefully designed to last a lifetime. Machined sustainably in the UK. And presented in a svelte circular aluminium box.


  • Length: 120mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 39.85 gms
  • Material: Brass CZ121, natural finish


We're serious about sustainability. And it's a key consideration in all our products and processes.

Our products are designed to be used for decades. And they don't have any single-use plastic or petroleum-derived materials.

Same with all our packaging. We try to keep our studio single-use product free and reuse and upcycle most materials.

Our manufacturing process means there's nearly no rejection or failed parts. And all the excess aluminium and brass from manufacturing is cleaned on-site and is almost 100% recycled.

For products and packaging, our components and raw materials are sourced as locally as possible - in most cases from within the UK.

It's a simple, common-sense approach. And in most cases, it's fairly easy to find a sustainable solution that works as well, if not better.

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