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The Pen Rest

The Pen Rest

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The Good Blue Pen Rest combines the organic beauty of bamboo wood with a minimalist, modern design. Elevating your desk game while keeping your favourite pen safe and close at hand. It is CNC milled from sustainable bamboo wood. Featuring a laser cut cork backing for a slip-free experience. Designed in London and small-batch crafted in the UK.

Bamboo's inherent strength and sustainability make it a fantastic material choice, and to keep it looking its best, remember a few easy steps. Gently wipe down your pen rest with a damp cloth when needed, and avoid soaking it in water. To maintain its luster, apply mineral oil or bamboo conditioner periodically. Keep your pen rest away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and extreme moisture or temperature changes. By showing your pen rest a little love, you ensure it will continue to serve you beautifully for years to come.


    We're serious about sustainability. And it's a key consideration in all our products and processes.

    Our products are designed to be used for decades. And they don't have any single-use plastic or petroleum-derived materials.

    Same with all our packaging. We try to keep our studio single-use product free and reuse and upcycle most materials.

    Our manufacturing process means there's nearly no rejection or failed parts. And all the excess aluminium and brass from manufacturing is cleaned on-site and is almost 100% recycled.

    For products and packaging, our components and raw materials are sourced as locally as possible - in most cases from within the UK.

    It's a simple, common-sense approach. And in most cases, it's fairly easy to find a sustainable solution that works as well, if not better.

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