Getting started with your pen

How do I fill my pen with ink?

Have a read through our guide here 

How do I clean my pen?

It's a great idea to flush and clean your pen every time you refill it. It's quick and easy. Once in a while you can also give your pen a deeper cleaning. Read our instructions here 

We also have some information about caring for your pen.

How do I change the ink I’m using in my pen?

First clean and flush your pen to remove any traces of the previous ink. And then just refill your pen with the new ink you’d like to use. Have a read through our guide here 

What paper should I use?

For the best experience, particularly with flex writing, try and use fountain pen friendly paper. Some brands that we have tested and enjoyed include Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Cosmo Air Light, Ayush paper and Tomoe River. But, in addition, many smooth, pressed papers work great. An online search for ‘fountain pen friendly paper’ should give you more options local to you.

What inks are safe to use in my pen?

Most inks that are labeled for fountain pen use should be fine. Do not use calligraphy inks, India ink or any other inks with heavy particulate matter as these will clog up the feed in your pen. If you do use shimmer inks, we recommend that you clean out your pen thoroughly within a day or two of use.

Can I use ink cartridges?

Yes, international standard short and long cartridges will fit your pen.

Fixing issues or damage

I’ve think damaged or broken my pen. What do I do?

If you’ve damaged or broken the nib, you can buy a replacement nib unit from us, or indeed any standard JoWo #6 nib unit from your favourite brand.

If you’ve damaged or broken the pen barrel or cap, get in touch with us, we may be able to help (depending on whether we have spares in stock at the time). 

If you need to replace the cartridge converter, you can buy a standard international converter from your favourite stationary store or fountain pen shop. We use the Schmidt K5 but any standard international cartridge converter should fit.

My pen keeps leaking ink - what do I do?

A drop or two is normal and to be expected, particularly if you’re carrying your pen around.

The most common cause of leaking is that the converter is not firmly attached to the nib unit.  Unscrew the barrel and pull the converter off. Inspect the converter to make sure it is not cracked or damaged. Then gently but firmly reinsert it until you feel it securely attach to the nib unit.

Also wash out the cap with tap water to get rid of any residual ink that may have collected there over time.

If the issue persists, it may be because your nib unit is clogged. Follow our instructions on removing and cleaning your nib unit.

If the leaking continues, please get in touch and we will try our best to help diagnose and fix the problem.

Using the pen

My handwriting / lettering does not look as good as in the images. What do I do?

Practice. There’s lots of free videos and tutorials online that will help you learn specific techniques. What helps us is finding fun and engaging ways to practice. Maybe try writing prompts, or copybooks. Or look for interesting calligraphy strokes or patterns to incorporate into your sketching and practice with. Explore and experiment - there’s loads of great content and ideas out there. And don't be afraid to start by copying! 

How do I get line variation?

Line variation comes from the downward pressure you apply when you write. Very little or no pressure gives fine lines, and the line width increases the more you press down. Generally, apply pressure on the ‘downstrokes’ (when writing downwards on the paper, towards your body). And go light on the upstrokes.

How do I know how much pressure to put on the nib without breaking it?

Our nibs are pretty sturdy and you can put a fair bit of pressure down. It’s a good idea to go slow with your strokes at first. What can damage the nib is too much pressure on the upstrokes (when you’re writing upwards or away from your body) or putting a lot of pressure down on very fast or very long strokes. Also, if you’re using textured or handmade paper, you may ‘catch’ some of the paper fibres on the nib. Go quite slow with your strokes on these surfaces.

Experimenting and hacking

Can I try different nibs in my pen?

The short answer is yes. Any #6 nib should fit

The longer answer is for historical reasons there aren’t strict standards around nib curvature and nib lengths, so some #6 nibs may not fit your pen. 

What’s a nib unit - how’s this different from a nib?

Nib unit is the term for the assembly of the metal nib, and the plastic or ebonite feed and collar. Our nib units can be removed from our pens by unthreading them. The ‘nib’ is specifically only the thin metal silver and gold component. The nib can be removed from the nib unit if needed. It is ‘friction fit’ which means it can just be pulled out and does not need to be twisted or rotated.

Please note that nibs are quite delicate and precision machined. It is easy to damage them while trying to remove them from the nib unit, so please be very sure before you attempt this. 

Where do I find different nibs and nib units?

Many stationery and fountain pen specific stores and websites offer nibs and nib units for sale. Your pen fits JoWo #6 nib units. Please also check the length and width of the nib to make sure it fits when your pen is capped and closed.

How do I know a nib or nib unit will fit my pen?

Unfortunately, it's hard to say for sure because there aren't strict international standards around nib sizes - particularly curvature and length. Many stationary and fountain pen specific stores and websites offer nibs and nib units for sale. Your pen fits JoWo #6 nib units. Please also check the length and width of the nib to make sure it fits when your pen is capped and closed.

Shipping and returns

What countries do you ship to?

We ship internationally, to most countries. Options are available in the shipping section when you ‘check out’ your cart.

What’s all this about customs and duties?

Some countries may charge import fees or duty on products arriving from overseas. This is part of your country’s laws and trade agreements. Please check your local government website for information on these charges and if they apply. 

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping within the UK on orders over £75. We charge for international shipping but at a discounted rate (actual shipping cost less £2.79)

How do I return a product?

f you are not satisfied with a purchase from The Good Blue (bought from our website or directly from us), you can return your product to us within 30 days for a replacement or refund. Please get in touch with us first before sending the product back. Please also note that you will have to cover the cost of postage.

Can't find an answer to your question? Get in touch with us and we’ll try and sort you out.