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Nib Units

Nib Units

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Maybe you want to try a different nib in your R615 fountain pen. Or sadly, something bad has happened to the nib unit that shipped with your pen. Or maybe you just like our nibs so much that you want one to use in your favourite pen. As it may be. 

Our nib units feature standard #6 size nibs, and precision engineered feeds that are tuned to be ‘wet’ - they can keep up with the ink flow demands of flex nibs. 

We designed them to be used in our flex fountain pens. But they are standard Jowo #6 compatible so should fit most pens that use this system (many leading brands as well as independent pen makers use this standard).

Take your pick from our selection of nibs

  • Happy Medium - A wet, monoline medium, no flex. Perfect for that everyday writer or artist who likes a consistent line. Ships with a plastic feed.
  • Fine Flex - A ‘fine’ nib that flexes happily to 1.4mm with a precision machined feed that keeps the ink flowing. It’s tipped, so works great for everyday writing, and is forgiving if you write on rougher or textured paper too. Ships with our polymer feed
  • Untipped Calligraphy Flex - An untipped calligraphy and drawing nib that produces true hairlines and flexes to epic 2mm swells. Special stainless steel alloy so it's ready to go out of the box and will last for years if you look after it! It’s untipped, so not very well suited to everyday writing or rough paper surfaces. Ships with our polymer feed.
  • Titanium Flex - A soft, monster of a flex nib. Our wettest option, puts down a ton of ink. Ships with our polymer feed.


We're serious about sustainability. And it's a key consideration in all our products and processes.

Our products are designed to be used for decades. And they don't have any single-use plastic or petroleum-derived materials.

Same with all our packaging. We try to keep our studio single-use product free and reuse and upcycle most materials.

Our manufacturing process means there's nearly no rejection or failed parts. And all the excess aluminium and brass from manufacturing is cleaned on-site and is almost 100% recycled.

For products and packaging, our components and raw materials are sourced as locally as possible - in most cases from within the UK.

It's a simple, common-sense approach. And in most cases, it's fairly easy to find a sustainable solution that works as well, if not better.

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