Collection: TGB X Den's Pens Collab Collection

We've been working with Dennis Humm of Den's Pens and Jonathon Brooks of Carolina Pen Company to bring you a very special collab collection. 

R615 Den's Pens Collab Edition
Our classic R615 design, but with a hand turned cap and barrel. Featuring 'Bohemian Twilight' material by Jonathon Brooks. Paired with our brass grip section, with an ergonomic, microtextured surface. Each pen is unique, handcrafted by Dennis of Den's Pens, made with the care and passion for which he is so well respected.

Zeus Remixed
As if that wasn't enough, we challenged Den to create a unique design that would work with our stainless steel grip sections. For this he chose Jonothan Brooks' inimitable 'Labyrinth Koi' material.

Rakish angles and crisp planes make this design at once Den's while staying true to The Good Blue's design aesthetic. And showing off Jonathon's unique resin pouring skill. Oh, and it's called Zeus Remixed!

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