L130 Titanium Description

Take your pick from our selection of nibs and feeds

L130 is available with our carefully designed range of monoline nibs 

  • It's Always Fine - A precise, fine tipped nib. Perfect for detailed sketching, notes in margins and small handwriting or journaling. Gold plated stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Happy Medium - A wet, monoline medium. Perfect for that everyday writer or artist who likes a consistent line. Gold plated stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Broadly Speaking - A juicy broad nib. Perfect for bold sketches. And for showing off shading and shimmering inks. Great for writing or journaling with emphasis! Gold plated stainless steel, plastic feed.
  • Zoom Nib - The ultimate in versatility. Varying the angle of the pen to paper give you a fine to double broad line. Writes medium at a natural angle and extra fine reversed. Gold plated stainless steel, plastic feed.

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It’s all standardised and interchangeable

We like to chop and change and hack and try. L130 reflects this philosophy - you can make it your own. All our components are international standard and can easily be interchanged with many leading brands.

  • Jowo Standard #6 Nib Unit - L130 accommodates Jowo #6 Nib Units.
  • Standard #6 nib - most #6 nibs will fit L130. 
  • International standard cartridge converter - we’ve got you covered with Schmidt’s excellent K5 converter. But if you want to swap this out or use cartridges - international standard is the way to go.