Let's get you started on your creative journey with flex nib fointain pens. These six beginner tips will let explore what your flex nib can do. Practice these basic strokes. Combine them with your own and let our flex nibs and pens enable your creativity!

1. Flex Swells

Create flex swells by pressing down on your flex nib while drawing a stroke downwards on the paper, towards your body.

2. Upstrokes

Create upstrokes by drawing lines upwards, away from your body. Don't press down at all when drawing upstrokes.

3. Curved Swells

Gently increase and then decrease pressure along the downstroke to get a graceful curved swell. This takes a bit of practice, so don't worry if you don't get it at first. Just practice a bit.

4. Horizontal Strokes

When creating horizontal strokes with flex swells, it's easiest to turn your paper 90 degrees and use the same curved swells downstroke movement.

5. Figure-of-8

Try combining upstrokes and downstrokes with this basic 'S' or 'figure-of-8' shape

6. Combine

Explore combining these figure-of-8s to create interesting shapes and flourishes

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