Let's explore some heart motifs with Alex. These are great for Valentine's day, but also throughout the year. With a little practice you can master the basic motif. And then use your creativity to explore variations. Combine with lettering to make greeting cards. Or love notes!

1. The Heart

Two basic, almost symmetrical strokes form the heart. Explore varying pressure on the downstrokes to create different flex swells

2. The Flourish

Rotate the paper 90 degrees to begin the flourish. Be careful not to smudge the wet ink on the heart. The flourish is made of the same basic figure-of-8s we practiced in the Flex Basics tutorial

3. Bring it Together

Combine the three strokes to create the basic heart motif. Once it's dry, it's the perfect space to enclose some lettering. Try the word 'love' to fit the theme!

Top Tip

When getting started, it might help to use a pencil and freehand draw a basic grid so you can plan your strokes. You can erase the pencil lines once you've inked the motif. But be sure the ink is fully dry to avoid smudges.


Play with the motif, explore your creativity and use the line variation to create hearts in your own style.

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